Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taking the piss out of paleoanthropology

This is pretty cool.  John, Lee et al. are calling it the "Malapa soft tissue project" and (*gasp*) it's about finding the truth, a quest that unites all of us scientists and science-lovers, rather than finding your version of the truth that can be pitted against someone else's who may or may not have been mucking around in your territory.

Makes my proposal for "Blind paleoanthropology" that I outlined here,  seem not so ridiculous... maybe.

Update: After reading through the FAQ (scroll down to see it here), it sounds more like a new-fangled way to find collaborators rather than a new-fangled way of doing science. But as people join in, we'll see how this unfolds.

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occamseraser said...

This "open" research project might show that Au. sediba had skin. Wow, hold the presses.

Er, what's the hypothesis being tested here? Oh nevermind, there isn't any. PR, meet BS.