Monday, November 9, 2020

Now That the Voting's Over

 Now that the voting's over

Now that the voting's over, our decisions thusly done,
It's time to settle down to life, and act again as one,
To face our common problems and find ways to see them solved
And thus to have our differences all honorably resolved
For, after all, our people should be able to unite
With differences but also sharing issues we must right:
With all our shoulders to the wheel, applied with all our force
Resolving that, as one, we keep ourselves on course
Too much to lose, too much to lose, and needs so clear in sight
Needs to which we have to use our energies to fight
And not be poisoned by the varied differences we have
To act as one, against our common problems brave
Thus not to lose, no, not to lose, what is so clearly right:
The good and kindness we must all put once again in sight
The memory of those who now lie peacefully engraved
Whose sacrifice made willingly to our honored order save!