Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homeopathic beer is totally watered down

Take a beer.

Sorry for the dilution scare.
Make it a great one like La Fin du Monde.

Take away all the beer molecules by diluting it like crazy.

Leave the vibrations behind.

Drink that water and you should have all the healing effects of real beer without all the calories or addictive effects.

It sounds magical.

So if homeopathy really worked wouldn't somebody be selling homeopathic beer at Whole Foods by now?

Of course they would, but it doesn't work. You'd drink the "beer," not get a smidgen of relief from the human condition, and demand your money back. Diluteries all over the country would have to shut down before they knew what happened.

Then why do people still buy piles of homeopathic medicines?

Compared to beer, it's harder to gauge or track the effects of headache pills; if you take a pill for a headache, it's hard to tell if your headache was relieved by the pill or just by your own body over time.  Homeopathic meds can also provide relief as much as placebos can (which can be effective!). So homeopathic medicines for headaches will keep selling and will keep making the people richer who stock the shelves at Whole Foods with water pills.

Sadly, homeopathic beer would never work. Even though beer is just sweet sweet medicine.

Next time James Randi and friends stage an overdose party, maybe they should wash those pills down with some of it. Maybe they already do.


eloquency said...

can you explain what the 'healing effects' of beer are, without the 'calories and addictive effects'? I don't think many people drink beer to ingest hops, malt or barley (and thats just as well because there is often not much of these in there). It would seem to me that most people drink beer especially for those calories and addictive effects! Of course the water is useful too.
I find your blog offering as flat as - well - bad beer....

Holly Dunsworth said...

Love makes the world go round.

Holly Dunsworth said...

It occurred to me that you, eloquency, may not be a troll trolling for homeopathy and that you may just think I'm a nut because you never heard of the nutty process behind making homeopathic medicines, so the love comment still applies but here you go for explanation:

Holly Dunsworth said...

And one more thing. You don't understand beer.

Geoffrey Vasile said...

Eloquency sounds like a wine drinker if I've ever heard one.

eloquency said...

Phew! That told me! My feeble joke seems to have provoked rather a storm (in a beer glass??) I'm just an old organic farmer and grower so I do know a little about beer, and I've used homeopathic remedies (knowing about the way they are prepared) for much of my long life with varying results, from none to very effective. I'm not sure what to 'think' about it, but I do know a very authentic and principled doctor who believes in it completely and has worked for many years successfully in London in a specialist Homeopathic clinic. She used it for her own son who was damaged at birth and he has done far better than conventional medecine predicted. So I prefer to keep an open mind. After all, the term 'placebo effect' doesn't fully explain what is going on either. Its interesting that you mention love because thats just another resonance! (and an energy which really does make the 'world go round').

Holly Dunsworth said...

Students: If you're confused, talk to me about this.

Holly Dunsworth said...

've been seeing ads on TV for "Nasal Ease" homeopathic allergy relief. Check out the diluted (3x, which isn't that diluted compared to some) active ingredient:

Potassium dichromate is an industrial chemical. It's toxic. Sounds like the exact opposite of what people who seek alternative cures would want to put up their nose. Luckily it's diluted so much it's not going to make a detectable impact on anyone's health.

Holly Dunsworth said...

Forgive me. This is actually wrong! Beer is good so it can't be in homeopathic medicine unless it's a hangover cure. The bad thing it causes is what it cures. So... Why hasn't anyone marketed homeopathic alcohol as a hangover cure????

Unknown said...

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Holly Dunsworth said...

Homeopathic Vodka! And it's DIY! Party time.