Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life goes on up at the farm

Polymeadows had a good spring.  Most of the new babies have been weaned, though a straggler set of twins was born last week.  Thanks to Hank, they've been talking with a new distributor for their dairy products--who just happens to be national.

A few weeks ago, Jen and Melvin traded their friends and neighbors, Brad Kessler and Dona McAdams, some hay for three Nubian bucklings from Brad and Dona's small herd.  The boys have been making themselves right at home.  Beautiful goats--next year's babies promise to be stunning.  (Brad writes about his own romance with goats, including what he's learned from Jen and Melvin, here.)

And the biggest news of all--Melvin got a cell phone!  He's promising to send a video of the view he has of his hay fields from the seat of his tractor.  But he has to figure out how to take it first.


Jennifer said...

Thanks Anne. You COULD come take that video your own little self you know!

Those gorgeous bucklings are getting big. Guess I ought to wean them sometime in the next 2-3 weeks, too. They are fathered by a buck from Dottie Cross's nubians, as Brad details in his book. Great bloodlines. Can't wait till spring!

Anne Buchanan said...

I might just do that! But I think I'll wait til those Nubians are weaned. They aren't going to be happy!