Monday, June 28, 2010

Immortality, II

We blog here whenever we have the opportunity about the astounding results from epidemiological studies, when truly profound findings are made. These go beyond new details, to a truly profound and, yes, paradigm-changing conclusion: immortality is the result of negative risk. If you avoid the risk factors being reported you can apparently reduce your risk to below 0%! Thus, by avoiding more than 100% of heart disease risks, you must presumably either grow a new heart, or have more lives than the proverbial cat.

Commenter TexBrit last week reminded us of a study that was reported a few years ago on the Beeb -- before MT was born -- showing that housework reduces breast cancer risk by around 30%. The many things that would or could be said about this ground-breaking (publicly funded?) study would exhaust the space available here, so we'll just let the story stand on its own. Because it is so highly technical, we've included the main Figure from the story, in hopes that MT readers will be able to get the true depth and importance of this Big Finding.

There could be many misinterpretations here, so we must be circumspect. We are not suggesting that women quit their jobs in droves and return to full-time domestic duties in the hopes of growing a third breast by reducing their breast cancer rate below 0%, or anything like that. We're just being neutral, and reporting the news.

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Sarick Rochette said...

Here's another way to cut that cancer risk down to negative infinity: