Friday, March 26, 2010

Polymeadows Farm hits the big time!

I've written before about Polymeadows Farm, the dairy goat farm run by my sister and her husband, with invaluable assistance from their partner, Hank.  As regular readers know, they've spent this year building a dairy processing plant on the farm, and developing a market for their products.  Yogurt, smoothies, soft cheeses, milk, chocolate milk -- Hank, drives all over New England, and into upstate New York taking samples to potential buyers, and then delivering their orders.  They now have markets as far away as Albany, NY, Burlington, VT, and Northampton/Amherst, MA.  And, a distributor's truck is about to start picking up at the farm (this is a great development, as, sadly, there is only one Hank) to deliver to another 50 stores around New England.  And they are getting rave reviews -- one store sells 40 different brands of yogurt, and reports that Polymeadows goat yogurt is their best seller!  A distinction accomplished in less than a year.

Hank even found a distributor who was interested in selling to markets in New York City!  She took a few orders down to the city, but it wasn't clear to Hank or Jennifer who was doing the buying.....until Jennifer got an email from a customer saying she'd bought some Polymeadows yogurt at Zabar's, in the city, and loved it.  That would be the Zabar's!  Check out the picture!  And if you're in New York, go by and get a taste of the country, brought to you by Jennifer, Melvin, Hank and a very well-tended herd of dairy goats!


Anonymous said...

I just tasted my first Polymeadows Farm goat yogurt and I am a HUGE fan. I bought it at The Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, NY. The flavor is so refreshing and the price is right, too. I'll be racing back to buy more of this wonderful yogurt and will look to see if there are other products available from Polymeadows Farm. Just wanted to spread the good word!

Anne Buchanan said...

Thank you! I'm so glad to hear it!

Anne Buchanan said...

A comment that I got by email, because the commenter couldn't post it himself. This seems to be a continuing problem with Blogger, which we're trying to find a fix for here. For now, we're allowing all comments but moderating them, which helps at least somewhat.

Thanks so much, my friend. I'm sure you'd love these products. And thanks for alerting us to the frustrating commenting problem with Blogger.

"I look forward to tasting it someday, if Polymeadows Farm moves southwest or I get to New England (unlikely for now). I'd be a great customer; I have yogurt just about every day, and know what's real and what's not. Meanwhile, I'll tell my good friend who just moved to one of the towns in the Boston area; maybe he can spread the word."