Thursday, December 10, 2009

One climate getting warmer, the other cooler

I read in our Penn State student newspaper that our internal investigation of the 'Climategate' emails is under way, and properly being kept totally confidential so hearsay and rumor don't sully anyone's reputation (one of our meteorology faculty is a major correspondent in the emails).

The good news out of Copenhagen, if there will actually be any, is that those who defend the idea of global warming are warming to the task of defending the cold shower that the hijacked emails were used to put on the idea that we're mucking about with our childrens' climatic future.

The scientists at the meeting are not circling their wagons and just defending the questionable-sounding emails or the Fox 'News' style reactionary assault. They're on the proactive side, presenting in clear and strong terms the wealth of evidence, none of it dependent on the emails' content, for global change.

Hopefully, they'll replace the disappearing glaciers with a glacial chill put on the muckrakers, regardless of whether those particular guys acted questionably or not.

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