Friday, December 18, 2009

Goat massage

One of the great things about having goats, and there are many great things, is the massages they give, if you ask my sister, Jennifer.  When she has a free minute, she'll often go out into the barn, lie on the hay, and treat herself to a well-earned massage.   I've done it, too.  It's the perfect way to go from, say, putting in hay much of an afternoon to mucking out a barn.

The other day, a reporter came up to do a story on the farm.  One of the first things she asked was if she could have a goat massage, because the same picture here is up on the Polymeadows Farm website, and she liked what she saw.  Jennifer said, yep, as soon as they'd finished talking, the woman was welcome to a massage.  The goats would be delighted to oblige.

So, at the end of their tour, Jennifer lay down some fresh hay in the barn, the one where the youngest kids hang out, lent the reporter an old barn coat because she'd showed up in not-really-farm clothes (a nice pair of black leggings and a jacket) and showed her what to do.  The reporter lay down and got her massage.  She loved it.  When she was finished, she stood up, brushed the hay off her knees, and swapped the barn coat for her own.  She was ready to take off for her next stint.

"Where you going after this?" Jennifer asked.

"A wine-tasting," the woman replied.

Jennifer smiled.  "Those hoof prints on the backs of your legs are going to be a nice conversation starter!"

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