Saturday, April 4, 2020

The plague of our times.....

What can one do when hunkered down in a plague, something we've not really seen in any of our lifetimes, at least in the wealthier part of the world?  One is to try to express in some way other than dry prose or statistics, what one is thinking.  In that spirit here are a couple of verses, written in the expanse of spare time that we while away, to keep us from worrying too much in these times of plague:

Corona Masking
If all of us would wear a mask
Which, we’ve been shown’s a simple task,
Then none of us would be a loner
While all are safer from corona

A mask like that’s a snap to make
A sane precaution all should take:
With scarf, bandana, or worn-out Tee
I won’t harm you, and you not me!

A Grey Corona Day
I sit here on a grisly day, the clammy wintry kind,
When snow blows cheerfulness into a grisly pall;
A virus called ‘corona’ seems lurking all around,
And causing eerie symptoms, of any kind at all

We can’t be sure how deadly this bug might really be
In most it passes quickly, with sniffles and that’s it
But some, the ill or elderly, are made to fear they’ll see
A fever, cough, or breathing lapse, their final earthly fit

So, while they say that many won’t know they’re sick at all--
A headache it may be, or touch of wat’ry eye,
It only takes a cough to make one’s spirits fall
Since if for some it may be nothing, for others they will die!

To find uplifting thoughts is what we need to do:
To laugh, to smile, or tell a humorous tale,
Recite a verse, perhaps, or maybe even two,
And if also adding music--improvement will prevail!

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