Tuesday, April 28, 2020

More idle thoughts in the Time of Lockdown

This blog site is generally about subjects like genetics, disease, science, and our attempts to understand the complexity of Nature.  But, obviously, those of us not involved in the science to combat the corona virus, have are other things on our minds. For some--perhaps many or even most--it is the very idea of survival, the fear that "the virus could take me down, too!"

Under these conditions, we've not been thinking about science, but about distraction, esthetics, musings on Nature and so on.  In that spirit we offer this verse.  It's about the small mountain adjacent to our new home with, that has a roughly road up to the top, where there are an observation tower and picnic tables.  It's a road we regularly walk for exercize....and for something other than the virus to think about.

Mounting Sugarloaf
In strolling up Mount Sugarloaf
One travels tors of old,
A venerable pile of rock
That in the stone reflects
A past both slow and bold

There were no human witnesses
On hand to note the course
That slowly built the hillsides up,
As layers rose and bent
With geologic force

With shaking seismic happenings
Its greatest shape was gained,
First lifting up and taking form;
But then as years wore by,
Eroding when it rained
And now can we, when walking there
And witnessing what stays,
Of taller peaks and sharper crags
That humbler have been made,
Imagine ancient days!

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