Friday, May 11, 2012

I Am Evolution

Last updated December 5, 2019

These are a few of my favorite MT posts and otherwise. I've organized them according to the morphology of the folktale (via Landau via Propp) which is the structure of my current book project--a biographical human evolutionary tale. Thanks to Anne and Ken for bringing me on to the MT in 2009! Thanks to everybody for all the good times and here's to many more,

Initial Situation (evolutionary thinking)
Hero (introducing [your name here])
Change (life in utero)
Departure (birth)
Test (childhood)
Donor (puberty and young adulthood)
Transformation (adulthood, the joys)
Test Again (adulthood, the oys)
Triumph (aging, wisdom, reflection)


Where I appear in others' writings...


5random1 said...

If you are Holly Dunsworth who spoke and wrote "this i believe" for NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, May 11, 2008 then I thank you so very much for what you spoke, what you wrote.

I too, now, I am evolution.

Thanks Holly!

Holly Dunsworth said...

That's me :) Thanks for your kind feedback and thrilled to read it!

The link's up there in that list (under "Elsewhere") in case you ever want to listen or read again.

Anonymous said...