Saturday, December 19, 2020

Some season's greetings....

 My Perennial Powdery Passion

O! How I wish for season's melting
"Season's greetings"?--Balderdash!
Upon the roof, I hear ice pelting
As our hot furnace burns up cash!

A Christmas white may edify
Those few who freezing pleases
But me?  The temp I'd modify
I pray this season eases!

The greeting cards regale the snow
With glad "White Christmas!" greetings
But all of it I care to know
Are huddled indoor meetings.

To ice, I'd hap'ly say "Good day!"
Except in my mixed bev'rages
Their chill's the only ice I pray--
I leave snow's praise to odist sages!

Snowed In!
There's little solace in the snow
Hunkered down, en-iced, inside
Though I can sense soupçon of solace
Since our election satisfied

Gloom from politics and climate, too
Stifled season's glee and spirit
But seeing that it's getting through
Puts on a glaze (or some of it)

Covid may be paling now
Politics improving, too
Yet--outside I hear a plow
And beg these frosty days be few!

Ah, yes, the solstice, nearly done
A dab of cheer this datum brings
Since longer days will soon be-dawn--
So, let us go a-caroling!

1 comment:

Holly Dunsworth said...

Ken, yours is a far more pleasing way to put what my nextdoor neighbor yelled to us while digging out his car, "THIS STINKS!"