Thursday, March 19, 2020

On Reappearing.....

Holly has done her typical great job of Mermaiding, during which time we have moved from State College, in central Pennsylvania, to western Massachusetts, near Amherst.  We have close friends here, including an also-retired anthropologist from UMass whom we've known for decades.  We hope to resume regular posts very soon.  But unpacking takes precedence!  Where the h*** is that cord and plug that we need for this keyboard?

Unsurprisingly, there will be things to write about.....once the unpacking is done.  There are even things to rant about (though we'll try to restrain ourselves....somewhat).

So, this is just a place-holding reappearance note.  First, we have to find things wherever we packed them, including various cords and plugs so we can use our computer before it runs out of battery power....

Meanwhile, in addition to looking for cords and plugs, we will try to out-wait the external virus, and will try to avoid creating any electronic viruses in our next post......  We hope all of our readers are safe and virus-free!

This is nearly unprecedented in our lifetimes, and shows our vulnerabilities as individuals and as a species.  Hopefully, it will motivate young people to take up the study of viral and other infectious disease dynamics--and lead to the removal of unsanitary or risky circumstances that lead to this sort of pandemic.

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