Sunday, February 4, 2018

Pogophilia--60 years ago but as fresh as ever!

For those readers of this blog who are old enough, or aware enough, to know about Pogo, the greatest of all the comic strips ever, I was reading my reprint of strips from 1956*.  Antics galore, of course, with sophisticated word play and subtlety that only Walt Kelly, in the entire history of comic pages, could master.  But in Pogo there was often a political point to be made, and I came across this  strip and thought it so appropriate it was worth putting in a post:

Here we see the always gentle and innocent Pogo (a possum) with the always scowling and grumpy, but ever true-hearted Porky Pine.  I think it speaks for itself, for its time 62 years ago, and for our times today.

*This is from a 2017 reprint of the 1955-56 years: Under the Bamboozle Bush: The complete syndicated comic strips, vol. 4, copyright Okefenokee Glee and Perloo, Inc.  If you like or might like Pogo, this series' 4 volumes to date would be just the thing for you!

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