Monday, August 18, 2014

Logical Reasoning in Helsinki

Ken and I are in Finland this week co-teaching the Logical Reasoning in Human Genetics course that Ken and Joe Terwilliger have taught a number of times in a number of places over the last 10 years.  People in the class, and/or I, may do some live tweeting at #lrhg14.

We'll be away for another week or so after the course.  We will do some blogging this week or next if we find the time.  If not, we'll be back the first week of September.

Helsinki: Wikipedia


Holly Dunsworth said...

Have fun in Finland! There will be posts from Rhode Island, here at the MT while you're away.

Anne Buchanan said...

Thanks Holly! So far so good. Looking forward to your posts! Not sure whether to hope the baby comes or not...