Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sigarette elettroniche

Ken wrote about e-cigarettes the other day, after inadvertently wandering into a vapor convention in Washington DC.  We're in northern Italy now for a few weeks, and, wandering around the small town where our daughter lives, we ran across this e-cig shop.  How quickly this thing is spreading, even with wildly differing views of whether or not they are safe.  Someone was telling us yesterday that they are worse than cigarettes.  Good subject for epidemiologists in another decade or two.  


Louis said...

Hey, me too! I did a little skim over the literature just this week

Missed Ken's post there, oops. Great stuff, as per :-)

These things seem to be marketed with a "digital ergo healthy" vibe, bit odd when you look at the chemistry (it's not just water coming out as Ken guessed, I'd thought so too to tell the truth). They're in the headlines again today (libertarian vapers, a.k.a. rebels without a cause)

Manoj Samanta said...

Have you thought of the tax angle regarding those electronic cigarettes?

Holly Dunsworth said...

Influential celebrity anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy doesn't seem to care about the risks! Here's the ad on YouTube