Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where's my grain?

Ken's in Finland this week, giving a talk and working with collaborators in Helsinki, and I'm in Vermont, at my sister and brother-in-law's dairy goat farm.  I've blogged and written about the farm before, so today I thought I'd post some photos.

Winter kidding season has just about wound to an end.  My sister was feeding 50 baby goats for a few weeks there, which is a whole lot of work.  She's down to 9 now.  As she says, fewer than 10 bottle babies are cute; more than that is work.  The 9 she's feeding are pretty cute.

The ground is still frozen here in Vermont, and the ice abundant, but the sun is shining, and goats, chickens, roosters and people are happy to see it.

Having breakfast

Milk goat in the sun

Baby goats

Babies having their breakfast

Another pretty milker

Looking for grain

Enjoying the sun

She'll take any leftover grain

Angora and chicken at the  same trough

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