Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grace and beauty

Thanks so much, Holly, for your fine posts of the last week or so.  It's always a joy to have your contributions.  They're always clever, thoughtful and fun to read, but also it's just a joy to work with you.

Ken and I are still traveling.  His class went well -- it's astonishing that a class called "Logical Reasoning in Human Genetics" ever needs to be taught, and can be such an eye-opener.  We're taking a few days in Prague now, which is a city that one of our daughters, a violinist, returns to again and again, and that she has been urging us to see since she first went.

Our other daughter is a metalsmith, with an artist's eye and sensibility.  She lives in central Pennsylvania, and she brings her camera wherever she goes.  She has agreed to let us post some of her recent end-of-summer photographs, to take the Mermaid's Tale from here to our return with grace and beauty.  Thank you, Ellen.

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