Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The 3DQ finalists -- pretty good company

We are excited that Holly's March 30 post has been chosen as a finalist in the 3DQ best science blog competition.  In this post she writes about what new fossil finds do or don't tell us about the evolution of the hominin foot.  It's a beautiful, thoughtful, learned post, but we do grudgingly have to say that she's in excellent company.  If you haven't read the other finalists yet, you really should give yourself the pleasure.  There's some mighty fine science blogging out there.  
  1. Boing Boing: What Fukushima can teach us about coal pollution
  2. Empirical Zeal: The crayola-fication of the world: How we gave colors names, and it messed with our brains
  3. Quantum Diaries: Helicity, Chirality, Mass, and the Higgs
  4. Scientific American Guest Blog: Trayvon Martin’s Psychological Killer: Why We See Guns That Aren’t There
  5. The Mermaid's Tale: Forget bipedalism. What about babyism?
  6. The Primate Diaries: Freedom to Riot: On the Evolution of Collective Violence
  7. The Trenches of Discovery: The War of the Immune Worlds
  8. Three-toed Sloth: In Soviet Union, Optimization Problem Solves You
  9. viXra log: Higgs Boson Live Blog: Analysis of the CERN announcement
Sean Carroll will choose the winner, to be announced on June 25. 

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