Monday, August 2, 2010

Free range goats and chickens at Polymeadows Farm

Sunday afternoon--
We are up at Polymeadows Farm for a few days, and taking a couple of days relief from browsing the latest and greatest evolution and genetics news.  Hopefully no major breakthroughs will be missed, and the world will still be more or less as confused as it always is when we get home.

In one afternoon we've moved one goat pen, shooed a bunch of errant goats back into their barns twice, packaged and labeled 40 gallons of yogurt and 15 gallons of milk, and washed down the dairy plant twice.  Melvin has been out mowing and baling hay all afternoon, and Hank and Ashley stacked as many new bales in the hay mow as they could before the chain on the elevator to the hay mow broke.  They are fixing it now.  Jennifer worked in a tour of the farm for a couple of agritourists and we went into town to get chocolate for making chocolate milk tomorrow, and up to the farm store to get corn for dinner.    Dinner and then evening milking yet to do.

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Jennifer said...

no way you could have gotten all that done in one afternoon!