Saturday, November 21, 2009

The miracle of soap

Two days ago Jennifer had a baby goat screaming in pain.  She treated her for everything she could think of (she's a miracle worker when it comes to goat medicine).  The poor baby clearly hurt, but she wasn't having diarrhea, so my sister didn't want to give her her usual fix for that, Pepto Bismol.  So she fed her some warm water mixed with molasses, and something else which I don't remember now, and decided to wait it out.  But the poor thing really hurt, and Jennifer worried she was going to lose her.  When I spoke with Jen on the phone, I could hear extreme distress in the background. 

After we talked, I suddenly thought maybe the poor thing was constipated.  So I texted that idea to Jen, and Jen texted back 1/2 hour later saying that she'd given her some soap, and she'd pooped and seemed to be feeling better.  Yesterday, she said she'd drunk her whole bottle and was back out in the barn. 

Ken said, Holly's post on her experience with her cyst coming quickly to mind, "Wait a minute, this is too miraculous.  Jen feeds her soap and she immediately poops and is all better.  What kind of weird alternative medicine is that?"  So he called Jennifer and asked how washing the poor baby's mouth out with soap had worked so fast.  Jennifer said, "Of course I didn't feed it to her!  I squirted it into her rectum!" 

Ken was very relieved.


Ken Weiss said...

I must clarify when it is alleged by Anne that after hearing this story about the, um, relief the goat experienced, I myself was relieved.

Anyway, what is interesting if not downright amazing is the very loving personal care given to each new goat on the farm. And speaking of hard-nosed views of scientific medicine, Jennifer has clearly seen that a goat's initial experiences have lifelong effects: cuddled infants make cuddly adults.

And people say that Freud was all baloney!

Holly Dunsworth said...

If the hip vibration hadn't worked for the bulge on my knee, this is probably what the doctor would have done next.

Holly Dunsworth said...

And this reminds me! When I called to make an appointment (Anne will like this) the receptionist said, "Which doctor?" and I said, "No, not a witch doctor, please!" And only I laughed.

Anne Buchanan said...

Ha, Holly! To both your comments! Good thing for you that the hip vibration worked!

Jennifer said...

or instead of making another appointment, maybe Holly could just try warm soapy water to make everything all better!

And I'm so glad that that warm soapy water relieved my baby AND Ken. Really is miraculous, long distance and all!

AND this is a very strange thread!