Monday, August 10, 2020

A Sunshine Sonnet

Here's a song for solar, sitting in sun on the roof

Saving climate-warming smoke from smogging up the air

There to soak up sunlight--and not at all to seem aloof--

Helping make our climate cooler and, if cloudier, more fair!

To leave our vital orb in peace, up there at work alone

And be benign to living creatures here and yet to come

So even at our story's end, when we ourselves are done

Our followers find fallow earth abed in fertile loam

Still able to bear fruit on which those who come will live

A ready harvest for their livelihood, for them and for their foals,

Of man and beast, of flow'r and crop, ability to thrive

An ample source of nutrients alike for all their souls:

This is a basic wish, if as well a fervent plea

To give the future what we had--a decent destiny.

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